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Corona Virus and COVID-19 Update

I know this note finds us in various states of disorientation relative to COVID-19 and the impact it is having on our day to day lives.

I have spoken with many of you via phone, text, email, etc. and one thing is clear at this point.  The current landscape of training and competing is very different than it was a week ago.

Know that I remain committed to creating quality and meaningful training experiences for each of you relative to your own goals and ambitions.  This may look different as we navigate current societal restrictions but we will keep moving forward!

I ask that you please bear with me over the next day or two as I work to adjust training plans relative to equipment and facilities that remain available and if I do err in doing so, please let me know so that I am able to correct it!  As the landscape continues to change, please keep me abreast of your situations as you have been so that I may make my adjustments accordingly.

I had greatly hoped to not have to send such an email but at this point the elephant in the room really needed to be addressed.  If you have concerns or would just like to chat, I am happy to find time for WhatsApp or a phone call over the coming days.  We're in this together and we'll make our way through together (while keeping our social distance of course)!

Finally, I have decided to proceed with an apparel order for Spring 2020.  It has weighed heavy on my mind whether or not to move forward on this front, but I feel that if we wait to see what transpires we will miss the window for competition season.  Please do not feel obligated to place an order when you see it come through your inbox, but I want everyone to have the opportunity if they want it.  You'll see that later this week with art, sizing and pricing.

Thank you for tolerating another lengthy email and for your understanding in these uncharted waters.  I appreciate more and more the great group of people I have the privilege to work with!

Wishing you healthy days and happy training,

Coach Mike

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