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A heartfelt Thank You

It's been a while since I sat down to write or record anything for the greater good and for some reason it just felt like this was a good time to do it again. In the world of Treis Athlos Coaching, it has been a roller coaster summer and it's finally wrapping up for better or worse.

All of us have had training interrupted and most of us had to deal with cancellations, often multiple, of events we hoped we to participate in. Through all of it, NOT ONE PERSON backed down and said I want to stop! We have overcome the challenges at hand and adapted to the ever-changing landscape of training and I can't say enough about the quality of people I have the pleasure of coaching!

In the midst of the global situation, TAC has grown to the point of generating a waiting list of potential clients anxious to join the ranks! This is purely a result of TAC athletes in the endurance community and the great way they continue to represent the culture and personal triumph that has become synonymous with Treis Athlos Coaching. For that I am truly thankful and I continue to look forward to each new opportunity to work with so many great people.

My closing thought goes hand in hand with a photo taken at Amnicon State Park in Wisconsin....we will find the bridge to calmer waters, if we only follow the path left by those before us. The global path isn't quite yet as clear as the cairn in the photo, but every day we're a bit closer to the bridge.

Stay safe and healthy,

Coach Mike

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