First step to finish.  It's simple.  At Treis Athlos Coaching, we are with you from the start and see you through to the end. 

Whether you are a first-timer in endurance athletics, a mid-pack age grouper or an elite competitor, we have a coaching solution tailored to your specific goal set.

With over a decade of experience coaching athletes of all levels and abilities, we can guide your journey through your first 5K or your 10th IRONMAN race.  It all comes down to helping you achieve your goals.

Take the first step, Treis Athlos Coaching will get you to the finish!

John S.

Mike brought his considerable expertise to my triathlon training and by hiring him as my coach I have become markedly faster. He added accountability to my workouts and monitored each of them. He was flexible to changes I made to my racing schedule and his availability via text or email was always prompt. Mike was the most effective investment to triathlon I made in 2019, and I will be returning in 2020! His structured workouts added a whole new element to my endurance racing, I felt like I had a whole new "gear" I could use during hard efforts and races.


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